October 28, 2021

Building Capacity towards Health and Well-being

The revised website of the EU funded capacity building project SUSWELL is online.

SUSWELL establishes local communities of practice in Kosovo and Russia to build capacity through social innovation. It aims to improve and sustain health and well-being at community level in Pristina, Gjakova, Perm, St. Petersburg and Belgorod.

The project objectives are to build increased institutional capacity of higher education institutes, enhanced individual capacity of (future) health and well-being professionals, and greater social capacity in the respective local communities.

Other than traditional health initiatives, the SUSWELL consortium recognises the need for interaction of stakeholders across systems, professions and disciplines.

The initiative is composed of nine higher education institutes and six social stakeholder organisations from seven European countries that are embracing the complexity of health systems and accepting the need of co-creation to allow for social change.

SUSWELL is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.