July 2, 2021

Granny’s Health Bag. Healthy Traditions for Healthy Children

The Romanian national healthy lifestyle initiative “Granny’s Health Bag. Healthy Traditions for Healthy Children” aims to educate children about the principles of a healthy lifestyle based on cultural traditions.

The initiative started at the city of Iasi with the support of the whole community by the involvement of political representatives, schools, doctors, dietitians, and other stakeholders.

The consortium identified the following actions as being relevant for success: 1. to assess the nutritional status of the children involved in the program; 2. to develop scientific materials for nutrition education campaigns and optional discipline about healthy eating and active lifestyle; and 3. to train the school teachers with experts in nutrition and education.

The Granny’s Health Bag won the 2020 EU Health Award for cities.

With the award, the European Commission wants to encourage cities and schools in the European Union to play their role and to reward them for the contributions they have made to healthy lifestyles.

With it, the EU also gathering good practices from cities, NGOs, schools and kindergartens, enabling others to be inspired by them or to duplicate them in their own settings.